My name is Noy Saias, I’m a student of industrial design at Shenkar College in Israel.

Years of dancing professionally have influenced my conception of design and have granted me insight into movement, rhythm, and fluidity. For a dancer lightness, agility and balance are above all, and my experience dancing has shaped my attitude towards my work.

The world around us is filling up with products that aren’t necessarily useful or even meaningful to us. For me, as a designer, it is important not to add to the seemingly inconsequential objects surrounding us. Instead, to utilize smart, thoughtful design to create value and utility while still incorporating thought-provoking beauty.


My curiosity drives me to explore new techniques and materials, whether at the bleeding edge of technology or the distant past of forgotten cultures.

I wish that in the future I will have the opportunities to expand my knowledge by studying different cultures, mastering age-old techniques, being exposed to the latest innovations and better understanding the needs of the people I design for.

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries, or just to chat if you're bored I'm a great listener. 


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