The incongruence between the purpose of a fan – to create a light airy breeze – and its traditionally cumbersome, bulky and mechanical design, has always struck me as lamentable. 

I wanted to create a chic and graceful fan that could adorn any space, without compromising too much on efficiency. 

The design process led me to a personal fan, intended for a desk or table. The Alto Fan is designed to look the way it makes you feel light, breezy and elegant. In my research of blade designs, I realized that blades engineered for maximum efficiency tend to be safety hazards that then require caging. 

This reinforced the cumbrous nature of traditional fan designs. 

Re-imagining the blades as wings, I was able to harness the spirit of lightness and breeziness in their design, which ultimately after much experimentation and testing, resulted in wings without sharp edges which could be operated safely without the need for caging. 

Alto’s body is super slim and streamlined allowing the wings to maintain the pride of place.  It is an elegant object projecting the nature of the fan visually, and with its presence. 

fan 3.jpg
fan 5.jpg
noy alto fan.jpg