In classical ballet the point shoe allows ballerinas to dance on the tips of their toes.  Ballerinas invest years of practice from a young age, to master this art. On recollection, in a unanimous voice, they all recount the pain entailed in acquiring it.  

If you ask a ballerina what she remembers from her first time going onto points, she will describe the pain. 

Professional ballerinas change their point shoes on average 100 times a year. 

Every time she buys a new pair of points she needs to prepare them with more than ten different actions before she can use them. 
Point shoes are still handmade by professional craftsmen using 19th Century methods, so they remain expensive and non-recyclable.



Calliope is the combination of years dancing ballet and all the knowledge and knows how I have attained in these last four years.  A new take on the traditional ballet point shoe using modern technology to reinvent it for our times.


Calliope is a modular shoe made from plastic parts, all fully recyclable.  The ballerina receives the shoe assembled and ready for use so that she has only two actions to complete to wear them.  Since individual parts can be replaced as necessary, costs and waste are reduced, making them both recyclable and more sustainable.  In order to minimize injuries and pain, the shoe is designed such that the inner parts in contact with the foot are soft, while the outer parts in contact with the floor, are hard and durable.