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OPUS ONE jacket with a built-in sound system.

The Opus Jacket is designed with inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of Origami and contemporary, futuristic Japanese fashion with a focus on modern urban life. 

Unisex and androgynous, it suits a wide range of wearers users.

An amplification speaker system is sewn into the hood of the jacket allowing the wearer to listen to music anytime, anywhere.   

The hood can be worn in two ways – rolled up or on the head. 

When rolled up the sound can be heard by others nearby, when worn on the head only the wearer hears.

On the upper left-hand side of the jacket is a pocket containing a system which connects automatically with the wearer’s mobile phone library of music and podcasts. 

The system is operated by simple touch buttons.

With OPUS ONE you can hang out with friends and listen to music together or you could disconnect from everything and enter your own private zone

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